Songhai Construction is a development and valuation founded in 2018. We are focused on providing our clients, excellent professional services, financial and technical solutions. Our company culture thrives on collaboration, teamwork, and integration.



We provide private sectors and the transportation industry services that include highway concrete pavement, concrete runways, concrete structures, asphalt paving, utility relocation, and drainage.



With our suite of construction management tools, we assist local partners with project management, budgeting, and environmental, health,l building codes and safety standards. Our experienced team of experts is available to support your residential and commercial real estate needs!



Our experience and dedicated logistics partners bring you the best shipping services for your freight needs. Our freight capabilities enable us to handle your shipping needs, no matter the freight size or frequency. Logistics services are available to small businesses and large corporations alike.




Our goal is to provide leadership, advocacy, access and affordability of maximally productive infrastructure that improve the lives and livelihoods of all people.

We envision building road and housing structures that bring communities and lives together at a more efficient way, saving time for our clients and local communities.

We believe that every family deserves time in a quality home and community, not just a house. We take a holistic approach to housing and infrastructure development creating efficient and sustainable modern communities while setting higher standards for integrity, quality, and reliability exceeding government and industry standards.


Development is not something we do for people; it is something we do with people.

We believe that housing is no different. While other firms focus on assets and structures, we focus on people, families and the environment we create for them to live in with prosperity and dignity.

We at Songhai Construction develop solutions using the latest technology available. Our objective is to ensure that the design:

  1. is user-driven
  2. addresses gender, culture and accessibility needs
  3. Is developed with help from the most qualified and reputable partners.

With our suite of construction management tools, we assist local partners with project management, budgeting, and environmental, health, state, federal and international building codes and safety standards. We provide timely and project progress reports even at the earliest stage through 3D rendering.


Songhai Construction has longstanding relationships with US-based and international financial institutions and investors such as the Export-Import Bank of the United States, U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC) and Trade Acceptance Group Ltd. (TAG).  We provide turnkey financing solutions from initial credit reports to risk insurance and loan sourcing.


Songhai Construction partners with well-known engineering, building and design firms with extensive local, national and international experience.  We collaborate with the right firm to delivers the best quality product and ensure a positive client experience.

Understanding local government agency requirements, as well as international laws and treaties, are vital to project development whether in the U.S., Africa, Europe or Asia. Let Songhai Construction be custodial to your partnership needs..


Count on Songhai Construction to handle your cargo with the utmost care and security from door to door.

We, in association with BCR Limited, we have more than 20 years’ worth of experience in logistics management.  We specialize in logistics and transportation for major corporations operating in Sub-Saharan Africa including Nigerian Breweries, Coca-Cola Unilever, and Inland Container Terminal Lines.


Infrastructure development is our expertise. Building and road infrastructure solutions are fulfilled by our team with speed, safety, and efficiency. With years of experience in the construction industry, our experts are never short of creative and sustainable solutions.

Songhai Construction has the top-quality equipment and labor force to support highway and heavy construction projects. Our building services are comprised of various necessary measures to ensure the quality of the road construction. Clients may expect the following professional services:

  • evaluation of technical and budget requirements
  • suitability of design and location
  • constructability reviews
  • contract administration

Songhai Construction also provides construction removal works — i.e., demolition and removal of concrete curb, pavement, and sidewalk. While building blocks is a way to improve livelihood, sometimes demolition can be a sustainable effort for a thriving community. We uphold greater value in ensuring demolition jobs are done humanely, environment-friendly, and carefully.

We understand that this type of work is not easy, especially demolition and removal of bituminous roadways. Meticulous inspection, understanding the right method, and leveraging the right tools are essential considerations.  With a team that is well-trained in handling hazardous demolitions, our clients are guaranteed a clean and safe environment.

Songhai Construction takes pride in clearing sites preceding the construction process. With a careful review of the site, we develop a custom plan to clear obstructions. As a company that values the environment, we adopt procedures that have zero to minimal effect on nature. We ensure our services are of top notch with the best care for our surroundings.


It is a worldwide need to have clean water and sanitation facilities that aid in proper hygiene. Since 1990, an estimate of two billion people have already gained access to proper water supply. However, a huge number is still in need of these basic necessities which Songhai Construction hopes to address.

With our commitment to having sustainable living environments, we take pride in carrying out our social responsibility. We are actively opening gateways for water, sanitation, and hygiene. By being able to deliver these needs to underrepresented communities across the globe, our company’s mission and dedication to sustainable development continue to grow.


Songhai Construction follows the proper methods for waste management. Health concerns and environmental effects are our primary consideration. The U.S. alone produces an estimate of 220 million tons of waste a year. We layout and suggest the proper waste disposal methods that minimize unwanted impact to human health and environment.

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Development is our business. We realize identifying a trusted development firm can be challenging. Many factors involving interests, budget, and current situation must be weighed. Take the guesswork out of the way, sign up for a consultation of your development project today!

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